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Alyssa Leiva

Alyssa Leiva is a second-generation Mexican-American born & raised in the Central Valley in Stockton, California. She is a first-generation college undergrad studying Sociology and has been an active Organizer within San Joaquin County for over 5 years. She is passionate about creating better environments for working-class families to have a better quality of life. Her accomplishments include helping establish the food pantry at her community college, and serving as an advocate on boards and commissions to fight against racial injustice. Alyssa is a board member for Stockton Stands 501c4 for youth development in Stockton.

Her why for her work is grounded in a simple message, “When we work on bridging equity for marginalized communities, our struggles as the working class are all interdependent. When we do the work to build strong communities, we do the work to heal our communities.” Alyssa is honored to be serving the greater Central Valley in this role and is excited to empower, educate, and hold people in power accountable to bring Justice to historical unmet needs.