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#BlackOutBezos to Send a Message That you Value People Over Products

BlackOut Jeff Bezos

As of October, 20,000 Amazon workers had reportedly contracted coronavirus. Delivery drivers are deprived of sleep. And warehouse employees are injured at twice the rate of average workers elsewhere, in a normal year.  

This is why we’re asking Californians to #BlackOutBezos on #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, and beyond, to help us send a message to Jeff Bezos — in a language he understands: dollar signs — to stop exploiting California workers, business owners, and communities! 

We can help support local businesses struggling during the pandemic while letting Amazon know that we will no longer continue to support their harmful business practices. 

Stand in courage and support your neighbors while sending a strong message to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos: Stop exploiting Californians for profit!

Pledge to #BlackOutBezos!