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We’re fighting for a California that works for all of us by providing the information and resources Californians need to hold their elected officials accountable.

Join us for “Courage — It Looks Good On You!” a podcast to help keep Californians informed about the issues – and help you discover the different ways to courageously participate in the democratic process and ensure your voices are heard.

This year on Courage — It Looks Good On You!

We’ll discuss issues that are important to our communities, like:

  • voting rights
  • getting corporate money out of politics
  • climate change and environmental justice
  • community safety and criminal justice reform

And have insightful conversations with advocates and leaders at all-levels, throughout the state to learn:

  • What is the difference between a democrat, mod-dem, and a progressive?
  • How can we stop the misinformation and disinformation campaigns targeting communities of color?
  • What are the different ways we can hold our elected officials and institutions accountable?

With You, fashioned in Courage, We can create a California that represents and serves us all.

So join us over at Courage — It Looks Good On You!


Host & Production: Angela Chavez
Editorial: Irene Kao & Angela Chavez
Graphics: Isidra Chávez