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With Courage, and with the support of our donors, Courage California did a lot in 2023!

Just to name a few accomplishments, in 2023 Courage California organized against corruption, turned out voters, elected progressive leaders, and passed progressive policies.

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With the Power of Courage, we helped…

Elect progressive leaders

  • Defeated the recall of Santa Ana City Councilmember Jessie Lopez with 56% of the vote
  • Elected Monica Montgomery Steppe as the first Black woman on the San Diego Board of Supervisors with 62% of the vote
  • Covered and turned out voters for the LA City Council District 6 special election 
  • Co-hosted U.S. Senate candidate forum featuring Congressional members Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, and Adam Schiff

Pass progressive policies

  • Lobbied for 27 progressive California bills
    • 10 bills signed into law on corporate climate reporting, fast food worker wages and rights, social housing, paid sick leave, and single payer healthcare
    • Two state constitutional amendments qualified for the November 5, 2024 ballot (ACAs 5 marriage equality and 13 protect majority votes) 

Hold Electeds to Account

  • Launched 9th Annual Courage Score
    • 56 progressive bills
    • 16 All-Stars + 7 Honorable Mentions
    • 8 Hall-of-Shamers + 6 Dishonorable Mentions

Informed Californians

  • Launched season 2 of our Courage – It Looks Good on you! Podcast
  • Published educational Know Your Power blogs on important topics such as,
    • Protecting democracy
    • Corrupt policing and public safety
    • Climate change 
    • LGBTQ+ rights and schools
    • Farmworker rights
    • Latina voter power 
    • Immigration
    • SCOTUS
    • Abortion rights and fake abortion clinics
  • Launched Valley Families Unite to engage Central Valley and Inland Empire working families and hold congressional representatives accountable for their economic policy votes. 
  • Conducted and published a statewide Environmental poll, learned that a majority of voters….
    • Believe climate change is real and have noticed the effects become more severe.
    • Are unwilling to accept new job creation if it leads to worse health outcomes for their families.
    • See corporations and elected officials as having the most power to effectively combat climate change.
    • Support policies to minimize the effects of climate change, including punishing corporate polluters. 

Thank you for making our ongoing work possible with your courageous actions and support.

With Courage, We Can. So we did!

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