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Tell Big Oil to Stop Lying to Californians at the Gas Pump!

Gas prices in California recently hit an eye-popping $6.49 a gallon, gouging customers in the state while the rest of the nation spent just $3.79.(1)

Big Oil says that Californians are paying these exorbitant prices because of the state’s taxes and regulations, but the truth is the industry took advantage of customers to rake in record profits at a rate 25% higher than what customers paid in the rest of the nation.(2)

The California legislature is considering a bill instituting a penalty on Big Oil for its price gouging, but the industry is spending big bucks to both scare our representatives off the bill and convince Californians that the bill is bad for them.

Economists say that California’s extra regulations and taxes — that keep our air cleaner — cost us on average about 80 cents a gallon more than the national average.(3) But Big Oil charged us $2.70 a gallon more at the height of gas prices last fall.(4)

This difference has contributed to more than $50 billion in profits for Big Oil companies, while Californians can barely afford to fill their tanks to get to work and school.(5)

The gas price gouging bill would penalize oil and gas corporations for this egregious price behavior and would require more transparency regarding their costs and profits.(6)

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon says he intends to push forward this bill during this session, but Big Oil is a powerful lobby, and we need your help!(7)

Tell your Assemblymember:

Oil corporations are stealing from California customers, charging rates higher than anywhere else in the country. Pass legislation to stop this price gouging now!

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