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Multi-Issue Report Card Californians can Use to Hold Their Representatives Accountable, Year Round

Courage — It Looks Good On You! Season 2, Episode 4

As the 2022-23 California Legislative calendar year comes to an end, voters will soon be bombarded with campaign ads and candidates making impressive claims and promises about themselves, and damning claims about their opponents, all in an attempt to win your 2024 vote. 

But thanks to Courage Score, Californians can tune-out the campaign noise (and misinformation) and see the receipts firsthand. 

Irene Kao, executive director of Courage California joins Angela Chavez, to discuss all things Courage Score: what it is, how voters can use it, and the impact it has made in Sacramento since 2014, by simply laying out the facts – voting records and campaign contributions – and helping California voters hold their representatives accountable, year round. 

With You, fashioned in Courage, We Can create a California that represents and serves us all.

Courage — It Looks Good On You!

We’re fighting for a California that works for all of us by providing the information and resources Californians need to hold their elected officials accountable. Join us for “Courage — It Looks Good On You!” a podcast to help keep Californians informed about the issues – and help you discover the different ways to courageously participate in the democratic process and ensure your voices are heard! With You, fashioned in Courage, We can create a California that represents and serves us all.