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Justice40 failed to pass: Is California really the climate leader we think it is?

California’s 2022 Legislative session is long-gone. While our state’s environmental and climate justice advocates saw some wins this cycle – we also saw some disappointing failures, such as Justice40, which died in the Senate. 

AB 2419 — introduced by Assemblymember Bryan (CA-54) – would have created an equity framework for federal climate and infrastructure funds, mandating that 40% of those federal funds directly benefit communities facing the greatest environmental burdens. The California Justice40 Act would have served as a model for the rest of the country for how to equitably invest federal funds. 

So the question stands – is California really a leader in climate and environmental justice? 

After facing brutal summer temperatures and increasingly destructive wildfires, climate change is on all of our minds. So join us as we dive into all things climate change and what we as Californians can do today to ensure our state invests in infrastructure and protects our most vulnerable communities. 

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Editorial: Irene Kao and Angela Chavez

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