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California’s First Statewide Progressive Voter Guide Boosts Results for Holly Mitchell in LA County Race

LOS ANGELES — Early election returns on Tuesday night showed State Senator Holly Mitchell and Former Los Angeles City Council president Herb Wesson will face off in the race for County Supervisor in District 2. 
Courage California endorsed Holly Mitchell in January and featured her in the Courage California Voter Guide, a first of its kind comprehensive, statewide guide, which boasts an impressive 123,000 unique visitors during the first month of its beta-launch. 
Courage California ran a robust digital campaign supporting Holly Mitchell and featuring the guide. As a direct result of the ad campaign, at least 23,400 people visited Holly Mitchell’s endorsement page. Over the course of the month, over 49,000 people in Los Angeles accessed the Courage California 2020 Voter Guide.
Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director of Courage California, the largest progressive organization in the state, issued the following:
“Courage California believes Holly Mitchell will be a transformational leader for Los Angeles County after her remarkable service in the state legislature. We are proud to say that our Courage California 2020 Voter Guide directed tens of thousands of voters — roughly 50% of them millennial voters — to support her yesterday, helping them learn what an exemplary progressive champion Holly Mitchell has been for our communities.  
“Holly Mitchell is a five-time Courage Score All-Star in Courage California’s annual evaluation of the state legislature. Between the innumerable pieces of criminal justice reform legislation she has worked to pass, her leadership of the powerful budget committee, her work on a ban on discrimination against black people who wear natural hairstyles in schools and workplaces, and spearheading legislation that bans Section 8 housing discrimination, we couldn’t think of a better candidate for LA County Supervisor. She exemplifies the progress and courage we need to build a democracy that works for all Californians. She will reject the forces of corruption, put her constituents first, and truly represent the values of the 2nd District.”
Data gathered from the digital progressive voter guide shows that millennials overwhelmingly accessed the guide. Forty-five percent were under the age of 35 and 63 percent were under the age of 45. Seventy-one percent of users accessed the guide via their mobile devices on election day — which jumped to a staggering 95 percent just prior to polls closing. 


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