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Capitol Alert: Will young people vote?

Sacramento Bee: Capitol Alert | Oct. 18, 2022


Young voters, ages 18 to 29, are planning to vote this November, but most of them aren’t paying attention to the election, according to a new poll released by Courage California and other organizations.

The poll surveyed more than 2,700 registered voters in six closely watched congressional districts — Congressional District 13, Congressional District 21, Congressional District 22, Congressional District 27, Congressional District 41 and Congressional District 45 — between Sept. 1 and Sept. 22.

It found that just 26% of young voters are paying any significant amount of attention to the election, though 78% said that they plan to vote in it.

What do young voters care about?

Jobs and the economy (21%), health care (17%), abortion and reproductive rights (17%) and housing costs (17%), according to the survey.

Among those who said jobs and the economy is a top issue, 62% said they chose that because of inflation. Among those who chose health care, 69% said that they consider it a human right. And among those who chose abortion, 48% said that they believe in bodily autonomy.

Young voters overwhelmingly support Proposition 1, which would enshrine the right to contraception and abortion in the California Constitution. The poll found that 76% support the ballot measure, while just 13% oppose it. Proposition 30 also has support, with 54% saying they’ll vote yes to tax the rich to fund wildfire and electric vehicle infrastructure.