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Courage Campaign: California Republicans Abandon Undocumented Children, Complicit in #TrumpShutdown

Courage Campaign: California Republicans Abandon Undocumented Children, Complicit in #TrumpShutdown

Moments ago, on the one-year anniversary of Trump taking office, the federal government shutdown. In reaction to the news, Eddie Kurtz, executive director of the California-based Courage Campaign, issued the following statement:

“California has more DREAMers than any other state. But instead of leading the charge to protect undocumented children, something every fair-minded American agrees should happen, every Republican in California’s congressional delegation voted to throw them under the bus — even Reps. Jeff Denham and David Valadao who claim to support the DREAM Act.

“With so much for our state to lose, Republicans from California should be leading the charge to end the #TrumpShutdown, pass legislation that protects Dreamers, and re-open the government.

“By standing with Donald Trump and shutting down the federal government, these Republicans have shown themselves for what they are — partisan hacks.  These politicians are more interested kowtowing to this bigoted president than standing up for California families.

“Voters in California expect Republicans — who control all branches of the federal government — to make a deal that reflects our nation’s values and protects the lives of the millions of DREAMers in our communities, and we will hold these Republicans responsible for failing to do so come November. That will start with the #CaliforniaSeven districts, featuring California’s most vulnerable Republican incumbents: Jeff Denham, David Valadao, Mimi Walters, Steve Knight, and Dana Rohrabacher.”


Courage California, formerly Courage Campaign, works to unite communities organizing for progressive change, fight the forces of corruption, and hold our representatives to account in order to ensure that California’s elected officials act with courage. Our community of members envision California as a model of progressive, equitable, and truly representative democracy that sets the standard for our country.


Angela Chavez