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Courage Campaign Hits Gov. Brown’s 2015 Proposed Budget Plan for Failing to Invest in Californians

Friday, 09 January 2015

Brett Abrams : 516-841-1105 :

Group Hits Gov. Brown’s 2015 Proposed Budget Plan for Failing to Invest in Californians

Statement from Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director of the California-based Courage Campaign, on Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget plan for 2015:

“A budget is at heart a moral document, reflecting a state’s priorities. Governor Brown has done a heroic job of returning California to fiscal stability, but much to our dismay, his proposed 2015 budget has prioritized savings for a rainy-day, even though the economic storm that began in 2008 is still raging on families across the state. The budget fails to prioritize the nearly nine million Californians struggling to make ends meet everyday.

The Governor calls his budget ‘prudent,’ but the truly prudent course would be reducing poverty by providing opportunity and support for struggling families. Restoring California’s Health and Human Services budget is critical to growing a robust economy and sparking a virtuous economic cycle that will benefit all Californians, not just the most wealthy amongst us.

California needs a budget that works for all Californians, and the 900,000 members of Courage Campaign look forward to pushing Gov. Brown to understand the plight of working Californians and propose solutions that will allow them to enjoy the “California Comeback” as well.”


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