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Courage Campaign on News the Court Has Lifted the Stay on Marriage Equality

Friday, June 28, 2013

Brett Abrams : 516-841-1105 :


Statement of Rick Jacobs, chair and founder of the Courage Campaign, on news the court has lifted the stay on marriage equality:

“At last, justice is swift. The judicial branch checked and balanced the legislative branch and gave love a chance.  Judge Vaughn Walker’s historic ruling from August 2010 is now the law in California.  Keep calm and marry on.”

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Courage Campaign and the Fight Against Prop 8:

March 2009: the Courage Campaign launches the powerful “Fidelity video”. It quickly becomes the most-watched political video in California history:

May 2009: the Courage Campaign becomes the first group to publicly support the lawsuit against Prop 8.

January 2010: Courage Campaign members submit more than 110,000 letters to Judge Walker’s Northern District Court calling for the Prop. 8 Trial to be broadcast publicly.  This online effort is twice mentioned in Justice Breyer’s dissent in the 5-4 Supreme Court decision that prevented the case from being televised.  Courage Campaign becomes the “blog of record” providing live, contemporaneous transcription of the entire trial at Courage Campaign Institute’s, generating over 1 million views during the trial and eventually over 5 million views and 175,000 comments.

January 2010- Today: Courage Campaign Institute’s blogged every oral argument, every motion, every brief, every decision, every hearing, everything. Becomes the #1 result when most people Google “Prop 8 trial” higher than Wikipedia. Today it has over 5 million views.

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Courage California, formerly Courage Campaign, works to unite communities organizing for progressive change, fight the forces of corruption, and hold our representatives to account in order to ensure that California’s elected officials act with courage. Our community of members envision California as a model of progressive, equitable, and truly representative democracy that sets the standard for our country.


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