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Courage Campaign Reacts to Anti-LGBT Forces Gathering Enough Signatures in the First Step to Repeal CA’s Student Protections on the Ballot in 2014

Wednesday, 08 January 2014

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Courage Campaign on Anti-LGBT Forces to Gathering Enough Signatures to Put the Repeal of CA’s Student Protections on the Ballot in 2014

Statement by Dr. Paul Song, executive chairman of the California-based, on anti-LGBT forces passing the first threshold to gathering enough signatures to put the repeal of CA’s student protections on the ballot in 2014

“Once again, the National Organization for Marriage, Frank Shubert, and their extreme coalition of bigots and bullies are pushing to repeal a new measure that for the first time ever would give transgender students in California the dignity to feel safe and welcome in their schools.   These are the same tired tactics from the same people that pushed for Prop 8 — bullying children and targeting families for a bigoted agenda. 

Californians will not be fooled into supporting this bigoted and hostile agenda towards our State’s underage student population. and its more than 850,000 members in California and around the country will work to protect the dignity of transgender California students and educate Californians about the extreme agenda that is being pushed by today’s Republican Party.” 


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Angela Chavez