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Creating and editing Press Releases

  1. In the black admin bar at the top of your page, go to Content–>Add Content–>Press Release.
  2. Add a title.
  3. Add the main body of your press release.
  4. The Contact person can be added to the “Contact” Field.
  5. Sponsor organizations can have their information added under the “Sponsor Organizations” fields.
  6. Put the teaser – or what you want to display on the Press Releases feed, in the “Teaser” field.
  7. You can also add an image if desired.
  8. Select “Publish” to publish the action. Select “Save as draft” to save it without publishing. The press release will automatically show up on the feed for the Press Releases page once it is published.

You can find and edit Press Releases by:

  1. In the black admin bar at the top of your page, select Content.
  2. Select “Press Release” from the “Type” box. Make sure all other boxes are cleared. If you are looking for a specific action, you can also type part of the title in the “Title” box.
  3. Select “Apply”.
  4. Look for the item you wish to edit and select “Edit” under the “Operations” column (far right).
  5. Make your desired edits and select “Save” when you are finished.