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Deliver Us From Amazon! Send Amazon a strong message this holiday season

When Tara Jones, an Amazon warehouse worker from Oklahoma, went on maternity leave, the giant corporation only offered $540 a month in leave pay.(1)

Even worse, the company shortchanged her $90 a month. And when she complained to everyone from her warehouse management all the way to former CEO Jeff Bezos, nothing changed — but it did reveal that the same thing was happening with the paychecks in hundreds of warehouses across the country.(2)

Amazon has some of the most advanced technology in the world — but it can’t get a paycheck correct? Yeah, right. This is just another example of the company taking advantage of some of its most vulnerable workers.

Amazon counts on the holiday season to rake in billions of dollars, and we need to leverage our power as consumers to send the billion-dollar corporation a message: Stop abusing your employees!

Last year, Amazon made nearly $5 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone.(3)

As small businesses across the nation are suffering, Amazon has been gobbling up more and more of the economy. And it’s not passing those record profits on to its 1.3 million workers in any meaningful way:

  • Amazon’s warehouses still have inhumane quotas that cause injuries at three times the rate of similar jobs.(4)
  • Not only does the company regularly underpay workers who are out sick or on leave, but it also “accidentally” fired many of those workers and provided no recourse for complaint.(5)
  • There is no company sick or maternity leave policy — the warehouses only grant the minimum required by state law, which in some states can be as few as zero days.(6)
  • And the corporation has destroyed any effort at unionizing, using underhanded tactics that were cited by the National Labor Relations Board.(7)

Right now, we’re at a tipping point with Amazon. The country is in the middle of a labor uprising, and we, as the consumers, need to have these workers’ backs. If we do nothing, Amazon will continue to run roughshod over its employees and our communities, and nothing will change. 

Will you pledge to #DeliverUsFromAmazon this Cyber Monday and shop local instead?

If enough people shop local, support small businesses, and stop clicking “add to cart” on Amazon during the holiday season, we can pressure the megacorporation to reform.

Support your neighbors while sending a strong message to Amazon.

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