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Dianne Feinstein returns to U.S. Senate after months-long absence

Shira Stein, Joe Garofoli | The San Francisco Chronicle | May 10, 2023

Sen. Dianne Feinstein returned to the Senate on Wednesday after a nearly three-month absence that prompted some members of her own party to call for her resignation. 

Her reappearance, however, has not quieted concerns about her health.

“It’s important for us to stay vigilant,” Patti Crane, a steering committee member of Indivisible South Bay LA, a left-leaning grassroots group, said Wednesday. “We’ve been worried about the senator’s health for a long time. We want her to have a return to health, but we also want full representation for 39 million Californians.”

“We are watching her,” Irene Kao, executive director of the 1.4 million-member progressive group Courage California, said Wednesday. “What we’re hopeful for is that she’s there for the votes. And we are also ready to get our members to hold her accountable if she’s not.”