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Dozens in Clovis protest ACA replacement bill

 A 4’11” grim reaper on the streets of Clovis, outside Congressman Devin Nunes’s office.

“It’s a darn good chance most of these 24 million people will die before their time,” protester Celeste Johnston said. It’s how Johnston chose to dress, saying repealing and replacing Obamacare is a death sentence. “Fix the ACA, but don’t introduce this ridiculously bad bill,” Johnston said of the American Health Care Act. 

Family physician Sue Stone was alongside Johnston, saying, if the bill’s replaced, she’d see trouble with those using the ER as their primary medical care. “The people who really need those services, it gets backed up,” Stone said. “They don’t get the proper care, they don’t get proper follow-up.”

Watch the video to see the Courageous Resistance in action!