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Largest Progressive Group in CA Launches #CaliforniaCounts: A Groundbreaking Campaign To Leverage CA’s Unique Role To Flip the House Of Representatives

With 7 Seats In Districts That Clinton Won in 2016 Held By GOP Representatives, the Path to the Majority for Democrats Runs Through California; #CaliforniaCounts Will Use Innovative Storytelling and Tech Tools to Turn Out Key Voters
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CALIFORNIA —Today, Courage Campaign, the largest progressive organization in California, is launching #CaliforniaCounts, a campaign to take back the House of Representatives by flipping key seats in California, particularly in the seven districts that are represented by Republicans but voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. #CaliforniaCounts aims to turn out key voters through a groundbreaking campaign that leverages the latest cognitive research into how voters make decisions. The campaign will emphasize emotionally resonant storytelling and highlight real Californians, real California values, and the historic role that California will play in the 2018 election. 

The first phase of the campaign will focus on critical primaries on June 5th in CA39, represented by Ed Royce, CA48, represented by Dana Rohrabacher, and CA49 represented by Darrell Issa—districts where there is a risk that a Democrat will not appear on the the November ballot thanks to CA’s Top Two primary system.



The #CaliforniaCounts initiative will work with local grassroots heroes to tell their stories and lift up their voices, particularly infrequent voters of color. It will include phone banking, peer-to-peer text messaging, and the new voter engagement tool ‘VoterCircle’ to harness the power of the more than 1.4 million Courage Campaign members. Courage Campaign will use those tools to target infrequent and lapsed Democratic voters in seven districts, including newly registered Democrats. As part of the effort, Courage Campaign will run digital ads in target districts.


“More than ever before, California counts,”  said Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director of Courage Campaign. “California counts for winning back the House, California counts for taking back our country, California counts for putting a check on the runaway Trump Administration, and California counts for standing up for our values and our communities. Donald Trump is incompetent, reckless, and a racist to boot. Voters know that. What many don’t know is that Congressional Republicans from California are marching in lockstep with him. And if they aren’t representing the values that make California great, those Republicans don’t deserve to represent us in Congress. 

“California is the most diverse state in the nation, and we’ve achieved social and economic success that other states can’t even imagine. We believe that immigrants are vital members of our community, that our criminal justice system should always strive to be fairer, and that all Californians deserve access to health care. These are our values, and it’s long past time our Congressional delegation represents those values. That’s why winning back the House starts right here in California and why California counts,”  added Kurtz. 

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Courage California, formerly Courage Campaign, works to unite communities organizing for progressive change, fight the forces of corruption, and hold our representatives to account in order to ensure that California’s elected officials act with courage. Our community of members envision California as a model of progressive, equitable, and truly representative democracy that sets the standard for our country.


Angela Chavez