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‘Mitt Gets Worse’ Petition Urges Log Cabin Republicans To Not Endorse Anti-LGBT Romney-Ryan Ticket

Thursday – 16 August 2012

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‘Mitt Gets Worse’ Releases Statement On Overwhelming Support Of Log
Cabin Republicans Petition

WASHINGTON, DC  – ‘Mitt Gets Worse’ founders David Brock of American Bridge and Rick Jacobs of Courage Campaign Super PAC released the following statement after the effort’s petition urging the Log Cabin Republicans to refrain from endorsing the Romney-Ryan ticket:

“In just 24 hours, more than 15,000 people have joined our effort urging the Log Cabin Republicans to refrain from endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. We have enormous respect for the Log Cabin Republicans and all they’ve done to make life better for LGBT Americans. After examining their records, we’re certain that under a Romney-Ryan administration, things would get worse.

Much worse. We’re hopeful that the Log Cabin Republicans will live up to their reputation for independence and stand up for what they know is right. After all, if they didn’t endorse George W. Bush, why would they endorse Romney-Ryan, whose policies are as bad or worse than Bush’s for LGBT people?”

The petition was sent the afternoon of August 14th, and has already seen more than 15,000 people sign to support the effort.


‘Mitt Gets Worse’ is an oral history project and rapid response campaign launched last month to educate voters about Mitt Romney’s extreme anti-LGBT agenda.

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