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Rick Jacobs On Today’s Protest Outside the Home of Anti-Prop 30 Advocate Charles Munger Jr.

Rick Jacobs, executive director of the Courage Campaign on today’s protest outside the home of billionaire Charles Munger Jr:

“Today, on behalf of Californians everywhere, we are taking the fight for Prop 30 to the source of the problem, Charles Munger Jr. A week from now if California is facing devastating budget cuts it will be because of millionaires like Munger who are fighting efforts to make them pay their fair share. The fate of California’s children should not be held hostage by a handful of millionaires.” 

Courage Campaign also recorded a video slamming Charles Munger Jr’s support for anti-Prop 30 efforts:

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Thursday, 01 November 2012

Social Safety Net Advocates and Prop 30 Supporters to Protest at Home of Billionaire Charles Munger Jr.

Protestors will drop off “money bags” at Munger’s residence to protest Munger’s $22 million contribution and continued fight against Prop 30

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – Today, the CA social safety net advocates and the “Our California” Campaign will devote itself to protesting Charles Munger Jr., the multi-million dollar donor who has been funding the anti-Prop 30 campaign. The group of protestors will include students, families, seniors, and people with disabilities – the group Prop 30 strives to protect. Protesters will be delivering “bags of money” back to Charles Munger Jr. to express their point that California cannot be bought.

WHAT:  Protest Against Billionaire Charles Munger’s Anti-Prop 30 Campaign

WHEN: Thursday, 01 November 2012

WHERE: 11:30 AM: Protestors to meet at Senior Center – 560 Bell Street, East Palo Alto, CA    

12:00 PM: Depart for Charles Munger Jr. Residence – 1423 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA

WHO: Seniors, parents, students, union members, and people with disabilities. Organizations include Reclaim California’s Future, California Calls, ACCE, Pico CA, the Courage Campaign, and the CA Federation of Teachers. Hene Kelly from CARA will speak, as will an ACCE member, a parent, and a teacher.

The protest comes as California voters prepare to vote on Prop 30, a critical initiative that will decide the fate of thousands of schools and state services for children and families throughout California. Charles Munger Jr. and other millionaires have donated upwards of $22 Million to fight Proposition 30, effectively threatening the safety nets of families throughout the state. The “Our California” Campaign is an initiative that wants to turn the spotlight on these millionaires and tell them that California cannot be bought. The event will feature a diverse range of activists, all of whom are directly impacted by continued cuts to public education and vital services. The protestors hope to raise awareness and support for Proposition 30 prior to the November 6th general election.

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Angela Chavez