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The Resistance to Trump is rooted in the Bay Area

Californians may be largely locked out of the Trump administration, but they are quickly forming the hub of what’s being called the Resistance.

With Democrats in the political minority in Washington, many Resisters feel it’s on them to protect what’s sacred, because politicians won’t be able to do it. They say it’s time to move beyond mourning Hillary Clinton’s defeat and start counter-attacking — quickly, because Trump takes office in less than six weeks.

“I’ve been signing petitions and donating money and calling congresspeople,” said Lori Koon, a San Francisco hairdresser who is hosting a Trump resistance meeting Monday at the salon where she works. “And that’s all good, but at this point, if I want to see the world shaped the way I want to, the little people like me are going to have to do it.”

She is leading one of the more than 60 small groups organized by California’s 1.3 million-member that are designed to brainstorm resistance ideas. Courage Campaign provides the framework on how to conduct a meeting, but it is up to the individual groups to riff on the ideas that fit into its Courageous Resistance campaign.