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TODAY: Across the State, Californians Come Together to Watch New Mark Ruffalo Film on Oil Extraction in California

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TODAY: Across the State, Californians Come Together to Watch New Mark Ruffalo Film on Oil Extraction in California

“Dear Governor Brown” Features Californians from All Walks of Life Highlighting the Dangers Posed by Fracking and Oil Drilling, Calling on Governor Brown to Take Action

CALIFORNIA – Today, members of the Courage Campaign and Californians Against Fracking, along with concerned citizens from across the State will join together to watch Mark Ruffalo’s new film “Dear Governor Brown” on the public health risks posed by oil extraction in California.  The film, produced by actor Mark Ruffalo, features the stories of Californians from all walks of life (and political backgrounds) who have come together to call on the Governor to stop the advancement of extreme oil extraction throughout the State.

Watch a preview here:

Ahead of the film screenings, which will happen in theatres and house-parties across the State, Ruffalo will participate in a live-webcast with film watchers where he will discuss his involvement with the anti-fracking movement, why he produced the film and why it is so important for people to take action against fracking.

In Los Angeles, more than 150 people scheduled to attend a screening of the film at Swinghouse Studios at 3229 Casitas Avenue at 5:30pm PT to watch the film.  RSVP here.

In San Diego, concerned Californians will gather at the Ocean Beach Green Center at 4843 B Voltaire Street at 5:30pm PT to watch the film.  RSVP here.

Find a local screening here:

“Despite almost a million petition signatures, protests and countless community actions, Governor Brown continues to stand firm in his support of fracking and extreme extraction in California,” explained Eddie Kurtz, executive director of the Courage Campaign.  “With roughly 300 new wells being approved in the state every month, we can’t wait any longer for the Governor to take action.”  

The film interviews an array of Californians (from scientists to farmers to everyday citizens), who
talk about the public­ health threats of drilling, including:

● Recycled wastewater from oil production used to irrigate food crops;
● Communities evacuated because of flammable gas leaks;
● Oil spills closing beaches and killing birds and marine mammals;
● Cancer­ causing acidization chemicals used without warning, just feet from residential homes; and
● Flares burning off polluting chemicals next to elementary schools.

For more information, or to attend a screening of the film, please contact Brett Abrams at 516-841-1105 or by email at

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