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TODAY: Rev. Frank Schaefer and Dr. Paul Song to Speak at Press Conference on UMC Ruling

October 27, 2014

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TODAY: Rev. Frank Schaefer and Dr. Paul Song to Speak at Press Conference

Highest Methodist court refuses to defrock Rev. Schaefer again, signaling a more inclusive ministry to its LGBTQ community.

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Press Statement by Reverend Frank Schaefer in Response to the UMC Judicial Council’s ruling:

“Today, we are witnessing a small, but significant step toward taking another look at the exclusionary policies of the United Methodist Church. With its decision to validate my reinstatement, the Judicial Council has acted justly and wisely. Their decision signals hope to our LGBTQ community that has not always seen the rule of love and grace winning over the letter of the archaic law the church still subscribes to. Today’s decision also signals a willingness to continue dialogue and to seek solutions that will hopefully lead to a change in these archaic and harmful policies. The UM Church needs to find a way toward reconciliation, full inclusion of our LGBTQ community and an open altar for all God’s beloved children.

I will continue the fight alongside thousands of others in the reconciling movement for full inclusion and an open altar for all. I know the day is coming when this dream will be reality and I don’t think it is that far in the future.”

Press Statement from Dr. Paul Song, Executive Chairman of the Courage Campaign:

“Today the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church reinstated Rev. Frank Schaefer as an ordained member of the clergy.  Rev. Schaefer, who was defrocked last year for officiating has gay son’s marriage, has worked tirelessly and courageously to defend marriage equality, continuing to preach a message of love. Today is a step forward for the Methodist Church and LGBTQ community. As the child of two former deacons in the Methodist Church, this decision holds deep personal significance for me. And while the Methodist Church did not express its support for marriage equality despite this technical ruling, we will continue to stand with the thousands of other activists, members of the clergy, and parishioners working to amend the Methodist Church’s stance on marriage.”

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