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California 2024: From the primary to the general election

Primary election results are in, and our general election plan is on.

The primary election by the numbers:

  • Voter turnout was 35% – This was better news than expected. Turnout was higher than the 33% turnout for the 2022 primary election but lower than the 47% turnout for the 2020 presidential primary. Turnout ranged across the state, from 23% in Imperial County) to 61% in Sierra County.[1]
  • More than 66,000 voters used our 2024 primary election Courage Voter Guide. Nearly half were voters aged 18-34 years old! 39,000 used the guide in the last two days of the election, and one-third of the voters came to the guide through Google ads – made possible by Courage member support. 
  • Of the 19 candidates Courage endorsed, 2 candidates won outright in the primary with over 50% of the vote in their local races (cheers to LA Supervisor Holly Mitchell and LA City Councilmember Nithya Raman!) and 11 are heading to run-offs against Republicans or corporate-backed Democrats. 
  • Wealthy corporations and industries spent over $35 million in the primary election to oppose progressive Democrats and promote conservative Republicans and Democrats.

We know that $35 million is only the start of what the opposition is going to spend to elect legislators who will block our progress and pull California back from our position as a leader for the nation.

The November 5th ballot showdown:

There’s a lot at stake – California has 6 competitive races to take back the House, 13 state legislative races to flip from Republicans and corporate Democrats to progressive Democrats, many tough mayoral and local races, and several ballot measures that will pit progressives against wealthy industries.

In preparation, Courage California is…

  • Keeping the drumbeat of accountability going on Republicans and corporate Democrats through our Courage Score and Valley Families Unite campaigns.
  • Taking our successful Latina town hall on the road with in-region partners in the Central Valley, Inland Empire, and more.
  • Polling voters in congressional districts and collaborating with state and national partners to turn them out to vote.
  • Producing our General Election California Voter Guide.

Help California change the course of the nation!

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