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Primary Power: The Latina Vote

Latina Power: By the Numbers

In the last census, the Latinx population made up the largest group in California for the first time ever. And Latina voters themselves have incredible potential power.

In California:

  • 22 of the 80 new state Assembly districts now have a Latino majority.
  • 10 of the 40 state Senate districts have a Latino majority.
  • 16 of 52 California’s congressional districts now have a Latino majority.

Latino majority districts in California translate to Latina power — because Latina voters consistently outperform their Latino male counterparts in voting (when they’re registered to vote).

  • Only 53% of voting-age Latina women are registered.
  • Latinas from the ages of 18 to 64 are more likely to vote than their male counterparts. 
  • Nearly 84% of Latina registered voters cast a ballot in 2016.

Latina Voter Town Hall

On Tuesday, February 13, Courage California, Communities for a New California (CNC), and Data for Social Good united to host “Primary Power: The Latina Vote,” a virtual town hall to engage in conversation about the pivotal and primary role of Latina voters play in California elections.

The town hall included discussions on Latina voting power, civic engagement resources, and exclusive insights on voting for priority issues on the March 5th ballot, and launched CNC’s Lúcete Latina voter empowerment initiative. 

Primary Power: The Latina Vote gathered a panel of powerful Latina women from organizations including Data for Social Good, Lúcete, and Courage California to talk about the power the Latina vote holds in California, the issues that matter most in our communities, and how we can leverage both to change California for the better! 

Primary Power: The Latina Vote

Watch to learn about the power of the Latina vote in California, the issues that impact our communities, and the ways you can flex your power with your ballot!

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