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Courage California Announces Dual Endorsement in Primary Runoff for Assembly District 79

Courage California has announced its dual endorsements of Leticia Munguia and Dr. Akilah Weber for California Assembly District 79 primary runoff, set for April 6. Munguia and Dr. Weber are running to fill Dr. Shirley Weber’s vacant seat following her historic Secretary of State appointment.  Based on Munguia and Dr. Weber’s proven records as community … Continued


Tell your Senators to pass the For the People Act (H.R.1)

Nearly 160 million voters turned out for the 2020 election, and special interests spent $14 billion to influence us. That’s more than twice what was spent in 2016. Instead of having special interests trying to buy our votes, we need to have elections that are clean, open, and fair. That’s why we need to pass H.R. 1 … Continued

In The News

Newsom Camp Officially on Defense

Via Lara Korte | Sacramento Bee: Capitol Alert Following Gavin Newsom’s state of the state address, in which he tried to make the case for why he is still the best leader for California, members of the API community Wednesday morning praised the Democratic leader, and reiterated his message that a recall was a “partisan power grab.” … Continued


The Medal of Treason goes to… Devin Nunes!

America is suffering through a deadly pandemic and an economic crisis, and what did Devin Nunes do? In true Nunes fashion, he skipped a critical COVID-19 relief bill vote to go to Florida and push the Big (and dangerous) Lie that Donald Trump had the election stolen from him. At the 2021 CPAC convention, Devin … Continued


Use Your Voice to Help Pass Democracy Reform in Congress

After the violence of the past four years culminating in the January 6 Insurrection, we’ve come to see just how vulnerable our current state of democracy is. That’s why Congress re-introduced H.R.1 — the For the People Act — which would be the first step in removing corporate and foreign influence from our elections and make … Continued


Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Vote to end the filibuster!

We’re putting pressure on Sen. Feinstein to stop protecting the filibuster, so that progressive legislation can get a fair vote! The filibuster is the rule McConnell has used to block more than 400 bills from the Democrat-controlled House last year alone. Under the rule, contested legislation needs 60 votes in the Senate to override the … Continued