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2021 California Governor Recall: Resources

ALL Californians, regardless of political party or beliefs, must unite to stop the unnecessary recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. Our health, safety, and economic security depend on it.

With courage, we can say “No” to a recall and “Yes” to progress!

Below are resources to help prepare all Californians for the September 14 recall.

What you should know about the recall

The Majority Of Californians Support Governor Newsom

Download Courage California’s Recall Explainer

The California Recall Explainer download includes:

  • What a recall is
  • Who is funding the recall
  • Why a recall is happening now
  • Who is running to replace Governor Newsom
  • What is at stake with the recall of Governor Newsom
  • And more…

READ & SHARE: Capitol Weekly Op-Ed

Authored by Irene Kao, executive director of Courage California, and Manuel Pastor, director of the USC Equity Research Institute.

Joint Coalition Statement and Press Release

In response to the certification of signatures to qualify the gubernatorial recall for the 2021 ballot, Courage California and numerous statewide partners announced their unified opposition to the recall of the governor as a right-wing attempt to roll back decades of community-driven progress. 

Read more: Statewide leaders urge Californians to vote “No” on the recall to protect state’s progress.

Watch, Press Conference:

Statewide Leaders and Advocates Call on Californians to Vote “NO” on the September 14 Recall

Press Release: July 23, 2021 — California leaders share what is at stake for our communities, state, and nation – should the unnecessary recall of Governor Newsom succeed.

Take Action: Sign!

Add your name to those of tens of thousands of other Californians who are saying YES to progress and NO to an expensive and unnecessary recall election.