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2021 Statewide Youth Poll Results: The Generation that will Decide the Future of California

Most youth voters are planning on voting in the recall election, and they either oppose or are undecided on recalling Governor Gavin Newsom.

Courage California partnered with Data for Social Good, Communities for a New California, and Inland Empire United to conduct a statewide youth poll of over 2,300 registered voters between the ages of 18-29. The poll has higher representation of Asian (15%), Black (9%), and Latinx (30%) youth, as well as from the Central Valley (18%), Inland Empire (13%), and San Diego (13%). Youth voters from Los Angeles (27%) and the San Francisco Bay Area (15%) were also well-represented. 

According to the poll, today’s youth voters are employed full-time (40%) or students (24%), living paycheck to paycheck (37%) or close to (21%), the majority (58%) of them have moved home to live with their parents/family to save money, and over half (56%) have not voted before.