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Courage CA Voter Guide

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The Courage California Voter Guide helps Californians evaluate candidates and ballot measures from a progressive perspective so individuals can make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Courage California combines the endorsements of our state’s leading progressive organizations with our expert knowledge and research about candidates and ballot measures to give you trusted recommendations on hundreds of races state-wide, in one easy to use site.

Our Voter Guide aims to bring California closer as the model of progressive, equitable, and representative democracy that our country deserves — one election at a time. 

While many voter guides describe candidates and ballot measures, providing users with information, they fail to recommend a clear position on how you should vote. Such guides serve as a great resource for educating voters on the various issues and arguments, but in today’s corporate-funded political climate, information is not enough. Our democracy is under attack, and misinformation is one of the most powerful tools being used to undermine our electoral system and confuse voters. This is why Courage California’s Voter Guide offers clear guidance on what and who to support. We dig into the issue, endorsements, funding sources, and work with both regional and statewide partners to ensure that our recommendations are both progressive and viable. The Voter Guide is an empowering tool for progressives, who want to ensure that their votes will result in the maximum positive impact, and move our state and country closer to a truly representative democracy. We sift through the money and misinformation campaigns, and work directly with community advocates, to determine where advancing progressive goals is possible — and where basic rights are under attack. This is the foundation of the recommendations in this voter guide.

Our strategy for developing this guide and all the recommendations it holds was and continues to be a work in progress, in this ever-changing landscape. Click here to read more about our methodology, and please get in touch if you have questions or would like to offer feedback or get involved.