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Remind Speaker McCarthy who he works for!

One in three California households cannot afford a decent standard of living. But rather than work with the Biden administration and Democrats to control costs and put money back in the pockets of working families, House of Speaker Kevin McCarthy is pushing the government toward a shutdown. He is leading a wasteful impeachment inquiry into Biden and fostering Republican infighting over the budget. McCarthy may be Speaker of the House, but he is first a congressman from California, and it’s time Californians reminded him who he works for.

It’s time for McCarthy to refocus. We want him to hear from you, the Californians that he is supposed to be speaking for. We’ve provided a sample letter to send, but you’re free to edit as you see fit. Perhaps you have a story to share of how corporate abuses have hurt your family’s finances, or how the rogue Supreme Court is threatening your wellbeing. Write Speaker McCarthy today using our online tool!