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Pro-recall forces seek to cancel California’s progress

Beverly Hills, CA USA - Aug 1, 2020: Protesters holding signs to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom

With the signatures tallied and the threshold for recall election met, media attention will soon shift to the campaign ahead.

Will an embattled Gov. Gavin Newsom be able to persuade voters that he deserves to stay? Will an ambitious Democrat break party ranks and seek to position themselves as an alternative to Newsom? Will the election devolve into the cacophonous circus that we saw during the recall of Gov. Gray Davis in 2003?

The answers are likely yes, maybe, and yes – with an emphatic “yes” on the circus part. But while the political manipulations, mechanics, and maneuvering will be intriguing, the main story lies elsewhere.

Because this recall is not about Gov. Gavin Newsom — it’s about us. And by us, we mean every Californian who shares values of equity, justice, and accountability. Every Californian who shares the belief that no human is illegal, every person deserves clean air and water, no one should go hungry, every worker should earn at least a living wage, and everyone should be able to access affordable and holistic healthcare.