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Pro-recall forces seek to cancel California’s progress

BY IRENE KAO and MANUEL PASTOR | CAPITOL WEEKLY | 05.17.2021 With the signatures tallied and the threshold for recall election met, media attention will soon shift to the campaign ahead. Will an embattled Gov. Gavin Newsom be able to persuade voters that he deserves to stay? Will an ambitious Democrat break party ranks and seek to … Continued


Rise in AAPI Racism: Movements are born of critical connections

People like me and families like mine have experienced anti-Asian racism in the United States for centuries, and especially now with the rise in anti-Asian violence in the last year. The pandemic has become an excuse for people to outwardly direct their racism and hate towards AAPI communities, and it is a painful reminder that there is … Continued


This IS America

The tools of government will only take us so far when the government itself has long sanctioned violence against our BIPOC communities. To that end, they have been doing exactly the job they were established to do, protect white interests at all costs.